Fatima J Atallah

nous présente les fruits de son confinement …

Colorful quarantine

The hardest thing about the quarantine is that in itself it’s a behavior that goes against human nature. But when it comes to being in my studio, there is not much of a change… being an artist is a profession of isolation, a skill that proved to be useful in these strange times…. and I used my art to distract myself from the anxiety, worrying about my love ones, the uncertainty and the lack of confidence in our leaders’ ability to keep us safe.

With many current projects coming to halt, I found the best way to use the confinement is to visit old projects that were on hold or delayed for one reason or another. I started to experiment with new ideas and mediums, catch up on my reading, make time for some Master studies, and focus my art on the subjects that lift my and others’ spirits. I painted the spring outside my window, and pictures that take me back to beautiful times.… my main priority was to focus on the overlooked beauty that is still and will always be available for us to see and appreciate.  It made my day when some people texted me and told me that seeing my work lifted their spirit and took them back to happier times which they really needed. For me this is the reward of being an artist.

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