UV4 – Background

Photography Exhibition
From September 14th to October 3rd, 2021
Skaville – Sousse

Opening : Tuesday, September 14th, from 5pm to 8pm

Beyond The Eyes (Wassim GUIZA)
Insurrection (Jilani BEN CHEICH, Mohamed Ali FAKHFEKH)
The Visitor (Paul SCHLAGK)
Curator : Elyes FATNASSI

Man doesn’t owe his own existence to himself, but is linked to the existence of a distinct world in which he must live.
By virtue of his birth each individual is integrated into a world that he did not help create but of which he is fully a part. The world is therefore presented as the environment, the environment in which people are born, live and act. Although it can include the biological conditions in which human life occurs, the world is radically associated with the existence of human community. Thus, there are only men where there is an environment, which presents itself as the anthropological background within which human life happens.

This event is part of UV4, the 4th edition of Utopies Visuelles, organized by Elbirou Art Gallery